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Here’s How YOU Can Begin WINNING a FORTUNE
.... All In Just FIVE MINUTES of Work a DAY!

Let Nick Daws Show You the Secrets to Winning Cars,

‘Congratulations - You Have Won!’
Those are words you'd better start getting used to,
because with the help of the information in my NEW manual
... You'll SOON be hearing them a LOT MORE OFTEN!

NOTE: This site is aimed at UK writers, however Nick's methods also work in the USA and Europe.

Here’s a little-known fact...

For many businesses, advertising just isn’t working any more. Consumers are getting too knowledgeable to be ‘sold to’ in the traditional way. So, instead, companies are turning to competitions, contests and sweepstakes to generate interest and excitement in their products.

That’s GREAT NEWS for me – And potentially for YOU too!

Let me introduce myself...

My name is Nick Daws, and I’m a professional freelance writer based in the UK. I’ve written over 50 books, and innumerable published articles, short stories and so on. I’m the author of ‘Write Any Book in Under 28 Days’ and ‘Quick Cash Writing’.

Yet over the years there is one type of writing that has brought me the best returns - for the amount of work involved – of ANY type of writing I do.

And that’s... Entering consumer competitions.

I regularly collect prizes large and small (large is better, obviously!) just by writing a few words on an entry form and sending it in.

You see, the type of competition I most enjoy – and which is the focus of my latest guide – is the so-called tie-breaker slogan competition.

In such competitions, the slogan is the ONLY thing that matters (the preliminary tasks are usually easy). Write a good slogan, and there is every chance YOUR name will pop up on the winners’ list!

Now, I won’t kid you about this.

Producing a winning tie-breaker is a task that DOES need some small writing ability, so if you can’t face picking up a pen to do anything more demanding than writing a shopping list, this opportunity ISN’T for you.

But you don’t need to be Shakespeare either!

It’s a skill anyone with a smidgeon of aptitude can learn, and once you have done so, your entries will REGULARLY find their way onto the judges’ shortlists.

This is one field where you really can, with a bit of time and effort, learn the skills to give your winning chances a BIG, BIG BOOST!


“Brilliant! That’s the word I would use to describe Nick’s new book. I regard myself as something of a comping expert after winning numerous prizes including a millionaire weekend and trips to New York and Tuscany. I’ve also written several articles for comping magazines but even I’ve learnt a thing or two from this marvellous book. Following Nick’s clear, step-by-step instructions, even the novice comper cannot fail to come up with winning slogans time after time!”

- Sandy Mather,


The Authors of These Each Won a BRAND NEW Fiat Panda Car!
– I’ll Show You HOW!!

Tie-breakers really are BIG business...

Don’t believe me? Here’s an example!

A recent competition held to promote Knorr cooking sauces required entrants to complete the following tie-breaker slogan: I say Knorr to boring meals because...

The winning entries were as follows:

Bamboo eaters prefer chicken fajitas!

Boring meals! A criminal offence! Please send ‘Panda’ car to my residence!

Romancing both wine and herb, Knorr flirts with food and tastes superb.

Whereas bamboo shoots straight through me, Knorr panders to my tummy’s desires.

With tasty sauces like these, no one eats shoots and leaves.

For writing anything from 5 to 12 words, the five winning entrants each received a BRAND NEW Fiat Panda car for their trouble!

Of course, there is a knack to writing slogans like these – but as I said above, anyone with an iota of writing talent can learn it.

You just need to know how to approach the slogan-writing task, understand what the judges are looking for, and learn the techniques to come up with potential winning slogans in the shortest possible time!

There ARE secrets. And they’re PRECISELY what you’ll learn in my new manual!

If you’ve bought any of my other writing guides, or read any of my articles about writing, you’ll know I don’t believe in wasting time.

Life is far too short – ESPECIALLY when there are luxury cruises, five-star hotels and trips to exotic destinations to enjoy!!


“Nick’s new course is a cracker! We’ve uncovered lots of little-known tips and tactics. We particularly loved his ‘words within words’ trick and his skeleton method for coming up with more winning slogans. The course covers all you need to know about competitions!”

- Tracey and Iain Maitland


Here’s How You Can EASILY Get the “BORING” Part Finished
So You Can Focus On Creating Your WINNING SLOGAN,
AND STILL Have Time to Pack for Your NEXT MED CRUISE!

In my new manual I’ll tell you EXACTLY how you can come up with winning slogans in double-quick time...

I’ll share with you my secret techniques (some of them very cunning indeed!) for creating winning tie-breakers as speedily as possible.

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll learn in its pages...

WHY the preliminary tasks in most competitions are EASY -
And why they should really be called slogan competitions! (page 5)

ONE TYPE of slogan that NEVER wins competitions -
Yet people keep on sending them in! (page 5)

FOUR OTHER SLOGAN NO-NO’S. If your slogan falls into any of these categories, it will almost always be discarded. (page 5)

SEVEN different places you can find entry forms.
Some of these you will know about, others you almost certainly WON’T. (page 7)

One thing you MUST do in your everyday life...
To ensure that you get to hear about AS MANY competitions as possible. (page 8).

Of course, BEFORE you can win any slogan contest, you will need to complete the preliminary task correctly. These tasks are usually (though not always) quite easy, but there are pitfalls to trap the unwary.

So in Chapter 4 you'll discover...

The ten different types of preliminary task...
With my Top Tips for completing them correctly! (pages 9 to 18).

TWO ESSENTIAL Internet resources... For researching the answers to factual questions – by far the most common preliminary task in slogan contests. (page 11)

How to approach ‘ORDER OF MERIT’ tasks. These are many people’s least favorite preliminary, but using my unique method makes them a CINCH! (page 12)

The secret of success in estimation tasks... And how I won a MEDITERRANEAN CRUISE just by keeping my eyes peeled and my ears open! (page 15)

A website that can help ensure your SUCCESS in word-finding tasks... Just enter any word or phrase, and it will list ALL the other words that can be made out of it. (page 15)

The secret of solving SUDOKU puzzles... These are starting to appear as preliminary tasks, but contrary to popular belief, there is no need for ANY mathematical skill to solve them. All is revealed here! (page 17)

A website that will tell you the REAL NAME of almost any celebrity...
Need to find out the birth name of rapper 50 Cent, or the stage name of the comedian born Arthur Stanley Jefferson? This site will tell you! (page 18)

With the aid of this advice, you will almost certainly have completed the preliminary task correctly.


“I used to go through LONG PERIODS of winning contests, then periods of winning nothing at all. Reading your guide, I now realize the things I was doing RIGHT. I'd NEVER thought about some of this stuff. Now, I'm going to repeat it over and over. I'm also giving my prizes to charity! Everyone wins!”

- Karl Moore


I’ll Tell You EXACTLY How to Create Tie-Breakers

Now we get to the most important bit of all – COMPLETING the tie-breaker slogan!

Naturally, my manual is crammed with advice on this. Here’s just a small selection of what you will learn...

All about TIE-BREAKER CRITERIA... The rules often ask you to complete the slogan in an ‘apt and original way’ or an ‘apt and interesting way’, sometimes a ‘humorous way’, and so on. You’ll learn what the judges mean by these different expressions, and how you can adjust your slogan to suit. (page 20)

The truth about WORD COUNTS... Should you count YOU'VE or IT'S as one word or two? Here’s my advice. YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS, or your slogan could be discarded immediately by the judges. (page 21)

The SIX MOST COMMON features of winning slogans... The great majority of winning tie-breakers possess these qualities. Yours should also! (page 23)

TWENTY-FIVE (yes, 25!) different devices for creating WINNING tie-breakers, with examples provided. Any of these could produce a winning slogan for you – or combine them for even GREATER effect! (pages 24 to 32)

The SINGLE most COMMON DEVICE used in winning slogans... With five different variations you can try. (page 24)

The SECRET of winning limerick competitions... And a method borrowed from the poet Ogden Nash that often results in a prize-winning entry! (page 33)

HOW description contests DIFFER from slogan contests – and why the SAME METHODS for devising winning entries can be used with just a little bit of adaptation! (page 35)

There guide contains ALL the information you need to start writing winning slogans today.

But I understand that applying these ideas can be difficult when you’re starting out. So my manual also includes PRACTICAL TECHNIQUES for generating winning tie-breaker slogans in the shortest possible time.

Inside it's pages, you'll DISCOVER...

The WORD LIST METHOD... For generating original ideas you can turn into prize-winning slogans. All you need is a pen and paper! (page 36)

The high-speed SKELETON METHOD... I promise there’s nothing scary about this – it’s my TOP SECRET technique for generating shedloads of great slogans in the least possible time! (page 38)

All about ‘CHESTNUTS’... These are slogans that crop up year after year in winners’ lists, in hundreds of minor variations. My manual lists OVER 100 different chestnuts you can easily adapt into winning slogans of your own! (pages 38 to 40).

A little-known free website that lists ideas, words, rhymes and actual winning slogans on a huge range of topics. If you’re ‘stuck’ on a particular slogan, this INVALUABLE site is bound to have ideas to help you out. (page 44)

My THIRTEEN-POINT CHECKLIST for polishing your slogan... If you can put a tick against all of these, your slogan is ready to go for judging! (page 45)

Three practical exercises in slogan-writing. Don’t just read about it, DO IT! In these exercises you’ll get a chance to test your skills against those of actual contest winners. (page 47).

My guide contains ALL of the above - AND MORE.

Suppose, though, you’re not yet confident about your slogan-writing skills, or you live in a country where slogan contests are not so common?



“Nick's course holds your hand through the fun world of competition winning, providing you with simple, foolproof formulas. I am looking forward to those winning knocks on the door. I've already started my slogans... Nick Daws opens doors... Read Nick's course to begin, and you will surely win!”

- Heather Matuozzo


"Hey – So You Don't Live In the UK?"
Here Are the International Competitions That Can Help You
WIN BIGNo Matter WHERE You Live in the World!

Now, tie-breaker contests are most common in the UK. They can be found in the USA too, but are certainly less common.

But in Chapter 9, I cover sweepstakes and free prize draws, common THE WORLD OVER...

Inside my secret guide, you’ll ALSO discover:

The THREE BIG ATTRACTIONS of sweepstakes...
And their one main drawback! (page 55)

Ten steps you can take to BOOST your winning chances...
In sweepstakes and free prize draws. (pages 56 to 58).

The BEST type of sweepstake to enter...
And one particular type you should ALWAYS concentrate on (page 56).

How to enter contests and sweepstakes on the Internet...
It’s QUICK, easy and potentially HIGHLY LUCRATIVE! (page 59)

My FOUR TOP TIPS to follow... When entering online contests and sweepstakes. (page 60 to 62)

And there's MUCH, MUCH MORE I haven’t had time to tell you about so far – including...

How the judging process works... I’ve seen it first hand, so in this section I spill the beans on what REALLY happens when your carefully crafted slogan arrives at the contest handling house (page 51)

FIFTEEN TIPS for building your ‘comping’ career. Follow these tips, and watch as your success rate sky-rockets, and the prizes start to stack up in your front room! (page 52)

THREE great FREE websites where you can see thousands of winning slogans listed and keep up with all the latest trends. (page 65)

FIFTEEN general information sites about competitions, contests and sweepstakes world-wide. Add these to your Favorites list today! (page 63)

SIX essential online research tools for solving any preliminary task (page 67)


“Brilliant! I used to think contests were a waste of time. Since reading Nick's story, I've completely changed my mind. I won $250 in gift vouchers last week for 60 seconds of work. It's paid back ten times over already.”

- Matt Fitzpatrick, Silverbell Rd, Tucson, AZ
- mattfitzpatrickhous*****


“SO – Are You READY To Order My Guide –
And Begin ENJOYING Luxury Vacations, NEW Cars &

So, you’re READY to grab my guide – and begin WINNING – starting TODAY?

Well, hold on to your hat, because I’m NOT finished yet!

I believe in giving all my customers great value for money, and I want to be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that if you buy my guide, you will get many times its cost back in cash and prizes.

That’s why I’m throwing in not one, not two, but THREE extra FREE GIFTS to every purchaser.

BONUS ITEM ONE is my Treasure Chest of Winning Slogans. This is a file containing well over 40 pages crammed with winning slogans from recent consumer contests.

Once you have opened the Treasure Chest in your word processing program, you can print it out or read it on screen. You can also search for any slogans including a particular word. You can even add more examples of winning slogans to it as you find them.

Studying other people’s winning slogans is a great way to improve your own slogan-writing skills, and it can also help you to assess what ideas and approaches are currently catching the judges’ eye. The Treasure Chest is an essential companion to my main guide.

BONUS ITEM TWO is my Slogan-Writing Template. This is the exact same template I use myself when creating word lists to help me come up with original slogans, as discussed in Chapter 6 of the manual.

And finally BONUS ITEM THREE is the best and biggest bonus! As a buyer of this guide, you are entitled to a FREE lifetime subscription to my unique e-mail newsletter Winning Lines.

In this exclusive newsletter I send out my very latest hints and tips, updates to the course, and details of new contests you can enter. The newsletter also includes the latest winning slogans (which you can add to your Treasure Chest), along with special offers for Winning Lines subscribers only. Winning Lines is EXCLUSIVELY for purchasers of this guide, and no-one else will be able to subscribe to it.

So there it is.

If you want to win cash, cars and luxury vacations, just for writing a few words on a bit of paper, this guide and its accompanying free gifts are ALL you need to get started.

Much more than just an e-book, it’s a complete kit that will get you started in the exciting world of ‘comping’ in the shortest possible time.



“I've followed your work for a long time, Nick, and this is the best! I don't think anyone has ever thought of (technique) before. You're amazing, these things will work wonders for me!”

- Ben Woolner, Douglas, Isle of Man (e-mail withheld)


INTERESTED? Read On to Discover How YOU Can Order
YOUR Copy of the Entire Guide AND Your Three FREE Gifts -

So how much is "Win A Fortune From Consumer Competitions, Contests And Sweepstakes"?

Well, considering that anyone following its advice could reasonably expect to receive prizes worth thousands of pounds (or dollars) every year, I could reasonably charge hundreds for it!

Indeed, that’s what my publishers originally urged me to do, when they saw the unique and powerful information the manual contained.

But I’m not greedy.

Consumer contests have been good to me, and I’d like to share that good fortune with other people who may need it more.

That’s why we’ve agreed to set the launch price at just $19.95. However, the price WILL go up to a more realistic level after the launch period is over.

So I do strongly recommend – if you want a copy of the manual, DON’T WAIT TOO LONG - or you may have to pay A LOT MORE for it!

There it is then – a unique opportunity for you to grasp now. Spend just $19.95 today and you can receive "Win A Fortune From Consumer Competitions, Contests And Sweepstakes" in minutes.

You can download it straight to your computer, and begin entering your FIRST CONTEST TODAY!

Even so, I don’t want you feel that you are taking any chances at all in ordering my manual. Though it is priced for affordability, I don’t want anyone to worry that they will not be getting excellent value for money.

So, in conjunction with my publishers, I’m offering you the following ABSOLUTELY NO-RISK GUARANTEE...


Try out the AWESOME techniques
inside this guide FREE for SIX MONTHS!

If after that period, you’ve failed to at least win TEN TIMES the cost of the guide back in prizes – we’ll refund your entire purchase price.

We may ask to see a couple of your entries, to avoid dishonest claims – but we WON’T quibble and there’s NO small print.

You’ll be BEYOND EXCITED with this package –


OK, then. I hope by now I’ve convinced you that with the aid of my manual you really can win regular cash and prizes from consumer competitions.

So DON’T DELAY a moment longer.

To order "Win A Fortune From Consumer Competitions, Contests And Sweepstakes" RIGHT NOW, just click on the button below. This is your ONLY CHANCE:

Click HERE to download and begin WINNING!

$19.95. Delivered in PDF format.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal.


I hope my manual may provide the passport to the better life you have always dreamed of.

Yours sincerely,

Nick Daws

Nick Daws, Best-Selling Author
“Win a Fortune From Consumer Competitions, Contests And Sweepstakes”

Official website:
Visit Nick online at:

Just to EMPHASIZE this point again... The current price is a special launch offer that WILL NOT BE REPEATED. If you want to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, therefore, please do it now, before the price rises to its regular level. Click HERE to purchase!

P.P.S. REMEMBER – Under the terms of my publisher’s unique guarantee, you really have NOTHING TO LOSE by taking up this offer, and potentially a WHOLE NEW LIFE TO GAIN when you "Win A Fortune From Consumer Competitions, Contests And Sweepstakes"! Click HERE!

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